It took me a few years to go through the stages that led me to the way I want to live my life right now, which were:
Me thinking I Just wrote stories for myself and my parents to say “Aw, how nice, sweetheart!”
Me thinking I wanted to be the best architect in the world.
Me thinking I was completely incapable of being anything.
Me realizing I was going to go on living my life, so I just had to fix it and fast.
Me realizing that what I did most of the time was write.
Me realizing I was really not dum, but a storymaker.
Me trying every day to become a better storymaker than I was the day before.

* * * * *

Then life happened.
…and life contains everything.
From mentally challenged wanna-be friends who ruin your own psychology,
to shocking and life-changing accidents,
to loved ones who actually hate you,
to the meet-cute with your one and only soulmate,
to the miscarriage or birth of your first child.

The truth is that there is not a single soul on earth who could ever stop life from happening.
Your world might be turning into ashes, or flowers might bloom on the palms of your hands, but there is one thing that must remain unchanged:
Your dedication to your dreams and the path you need to walk on until you finally catch them.

Let life change you on the way, but let there be no crossroads or setbacks.
Allow your heart to mature, for your heart is your compass.

I hope that by reading my blog, you will share my thoughts and experiences, maybe feel like I once felt, agree or disagree with me, and in the end you might be inspired or simply reassured enough that you’re not fighting a lonely fight, and you don’t just chase your dreams, but actually catch them.

Happy dream hunting,