Author Bio

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and re-born as a bookworm at quite an early age, I was drawn into the world of creative writing by my primary school teacher who responded to my stories, and encouraged me to write as much as I could. My two wonderful and supporting parents, being very well-educated in the Greek myths, have passed their passion on to me. My favorite myth was the fascinating but little known legend about Queen Thessaloniki, the namesake of that important Greek city, who tragically achieved the immortality which was meant for her famous brother.

As there were no creative writing courses in Greece, in my eagerness to learn a few rules, I found and read James Bonnet’s book Stealing Fire From the Gods, and went to one of Mr. Bonnet’s storymaking seminars in Los Angeles. That was the starting point of my transformation into the literary creature Mr Bonnet calls: “Storymaker.” After three to four years of this high quality education on creative storymaking and the continuous revelations of the secrets of how great stories are constructed and told, I started sculpting the work I had already done in my first book, while planning the next volumes of the Meridian trilogy. At the same time, I have also been working on several scripts for dancing performances, and participated in a competition in the UK, with the short story “Bow and Arrow.” In the last twelve years, I have also completed my studies as a renovation and restoration engineer in Britain and Greece while working at an architectural office, and achieved foreign language degrees and dancing certificates. However, writing is the one unchanged thing I have never stopped doing ever since I wrote that one page story, and is now my main occupation.